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Forensic News
Forensic News was founded by Scott Stedman in 2019 on the following simple ideas:
Evidence is Key
Investigative reports should always include hard evidence i.e. documents, notes, bank records, photos, videos, flight logs, etc.
Articles are Always Free
You should never have to pay to read important journalism.
Clicks Should Not Equal Profit
We believe that readers who find value in true, hard-hitting investigative journalism will be willing to contribute to the cause in exchange for some extra perks.

A Free Press Dies Behinds Paywalls
Forensic News LLC is a concept and experiment. At its core, we aim to deliver original long-form investigative journalism that actually matters. Though focused on national security/political/legal matters, we will never turn a blind eye to reporting that could make an impact. Every investigative report that we produce will include hard evidence. Evidence that one could hold in their hands. Bank records, notes, documents, flight logs, corporate filings, pictures, etc. At Forensic News, we believe that the world of investigative journalism needs to join the 21st century and fully use hard data to produce stories that hold truth to power.
You will never have to pay to read any of our stories or listen to any of our podcasts. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to be informed but not being able to read an important story because it’s locked behind a paywall. The goal of journalism is to inform the public. Paywalls take a sledgehammer to that goal.
For podcast lovers, we have our in-house Counter Intelligence Podcast. Featuring exclusive interviews with intelligence officials, prosecutors, politicians, activists, and more, Counter Intelligence will not only keep you up-to-date on important stories (on Forensic News and elsewhere) but also offer deeply fascinating discussion with movers and shakers in this field.
This is where our experiment begins.

How can a news organization stay in business with this principle?

The answer is that we are so confident in our evidence-based style of journalism and reporting that we strongly believe that readers will support our work for extra perks.

To test this experiment, we have set up an account with Patreon. We believe that the current model of paying to read paywalled news content is inherently flawed. Democracy dies behind paywalls. Rather, we plan on offering incentives and rewards for those who contribute to our project. You will never have to pay to read our content, but if you appreciate our work and decide to support us financially, you will get a host of perks. We believe in this business model. It's up to you all to make it viable.
Do you have an idea for a story or a news tip you would like to share?
If so, please feel free to send us a message via our contact page.

Our inbox is always open.
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