British security consultant under scrutiny in Russia probe incorporated Florida LLC in July 2016

June 5, 2019 4:15 pm By

The business partner of a British security consultant who has come under scrutiny by the Senate Intelligence Committee for his connections to Psy Group and Oleg Deripaska, incorporated a Florida LLC in July 2016, Forensic News can reveal. The security consultant, Walter Tzvi Soriano, entered into business with a former Israeli defense contractor Guy Levinin and another Israeli man, Doron Cohen on July 22, 2016, the same day that WikiLeaks leaked the first DNC emails stolen by Russian intelligence.

The Florida LLC, Playland Investments, of which Cohen and Soriano are partners, appears to be active and involved in real estate in the United States. The third partner involved in the venture, Guy Levintin, is a  Florida-based real estate investor catering to Israeli clients. A cursory search of real estate records reveals that Playland Investments owns a number of properties in Florida and New Jersey. Property records Cohen’s listed address in the UK shows that he paid just under $500,000 in 2013.

Doron Cohen shares the name of the CEO of Fifth Dimension, a big data company based in Israel, which has received millions of dollars from Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg via his company Columbus Nova. Vekselberg and Columbus Nova previously came under scrutiny by Robert Mueller’s investigators for their contributions to the Trump inauguration and their discussions and consulting deal with Michael Cohen. It is unclear if the Cohen that partnered with Soriano and Levintin is the CEO of Fifth Dimension, though Soriano is well known for his connections to the Israeli elite.

This new-found connection between Deripaska, Psy Group and Soriano is sure to intrigue investigators who are still probing Psy Group’s involvement with the Trump campaign. In August of 2016, the CEO of Psy Group met secretly in Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr, Erik Prince, and George Nader to pitch his social media services in an effort to aid Trump. After the election, Nader paid the CEO Joel Zamel a sum of $2,000,000. The purpose of the payment remains unclear.

Soriano, appears to be involved with at least a dozen LLC in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. A Congressional source told Forensic News that there is interest in the money flow into Soriano’s businesses. Soriano’s background as a shadowy intelligence collector/analyst appears to also have connections to the Israeli government and Prime Minister Netanyahu. A 2018 Israeli news expose revealed that Soriano, nicknamed “The Thug” has been a confidant of Netanyahu’s for decades and has acted as somewhat of a fixer for the Israeli leader. Doron Cohen, Walter Soriano and others could not immediately be reached for comment. This story will be updated as more is learned. 


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