Cindy Yang company offered “investment in American government projects”

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The massage parlor owner under a counterintelligence investigation for her ties to the Chinese government and her business selling access to President Trump, offered opportunities to Chinese nationals to “invest in the US government” on a newly discovered website for her business, Fufu International LLC.

The company Fufu International is, on its face, an art company. The official website sold paintings for $10,000 and included pictures of Cindy Yang arranging art shows.


Screengrabs from the Fufu International art website.

Fufu International had a second website, however, that indicated that it conducted much more serious business than selling art. Domain registration details for the website,, confirm that Li “Cindy” Yang was indeed behind it.

Within 48 hours of asking for comment about the website, both Fufu International sites were taken offline. The more mysterious Fufu1688 website appears to have been deleted permanently. Yang did not respond to requests for comment.

“We offer the business assistance and investment advice Chinese citizens need (to do business) in the United States” a translation of the website read. The company listed multiple investment opportunities, including the controversial EB-5 Visa program with which Jared Kushner’s business has been embroiled in multiple investigations.

It was reported in 2018 that Kushner Companies Inc was subpoenaed by the SEC and the Eastern District of New York whose prosecutors were seeking info about the EB-5 program. Nicole Meyer Kushner was caught in April 2017 touting her brother Jared’s proximity to President Trump as a way to lure Chinese investors for the EB-5 which offers foreigners permanent residence in exchange for investing $500,000 in certain U.S. businesses that create at least 10 jobs per investor.

There is currently no evidence that Kushner Companies Inc and Cindy Yang ever interacted, though they both were involved with EB-5 visas for Chinese nationals. Both did not return requests for comment.

More intriguing than the EB-5 Visa program opportunity offered by Fufu International was a “ VIP mission” to “invest in US government projects,” read the website.

For investor-immigration VIPs, investigatory study group missions and immigration for investment in American government projects,” read Yang’s website as pictured in its original Chinese below.


“For investor-immigration VIPs, investigatory study group missions and immigration for investment in American government projects,”

The newly discovered website is the first suggestion that Yang might’ve directed payments into Trump government projects. No further details were available beyond the statement on the website.

Fufu International used the phrase “investigatory study group missions” again when describing her business’s ability to help Chinese citizens “invest in American real estate…”

Yang was again thrust into the spotlight last week when a woman showed up at Mar-a-Lago for an event organized by Yang. The event was cancelled two weeks prior but the woman, Yujing Zhang, apparently did not receive the notice.

Zhang was arrested by US Secret Service after she lied to gain entry to Mar-a-Lago. Law enforcement officials subsequently searched Yang and found a USB with malware on it, two Chinese passports, four cellphones, a laptop, and a harddrive. Officials subsequently searched her hotel room and found “more than $8,000 in cash…along with an electronic device that detects hidden cameras.” Zhang is awaiting trial.

Mother Jones investigation revealed that Cindy Yang, who also owns the chain of massage parlors that was recently busted for prostitution and is being investigated for sex trafficking, ran a business offering access to Trump and his family.

“The company boasts it has ‘arranged taking photos with the President’ and suggests it can set up a ‘White House and Capitol Hill Dinner.” Mother Jones wrote. The act of deleting her websites after being contacted by members of the press appears to be a pattern for Yang as the report continued, “(the same day the [Miami] Herald story about Yang broke, the website [for the Yang company offering access to Trump] stopped functioning.)”

FBI officials are investigating Yang and Zhang as potentially being part of a Chinese spying operation. Democrats on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees last month called for more investigations into Yang with regards to her access to Trump and her campaign donations to Trump Super PACs. The newfound Fufu International websites will raise more questions about Yang and her involvement and investments in the Trump government.


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