Israeli Private Intelligence Company Under Investigation in US

Psy Group May 26, 2020 1:45 pm By

Forensic News can exclusively report that a District Attorney’s office in Central California is considering a slew of charges against a businessman, Yorai Benzeevi, and his associates who hired the Israeli intelligence company Psy Group to intervene in a 2017 local hospital board election, according to multiple sources directly involved.

Psy Group itself is under criminal investigation as well, and the sources say that charges may be filed in the coming weeks.

The news is the result of a seven-month investigation into Psy Group including numerous interviews with people on both sides of the operation in Tulare, California. The covert Psy Group campaign, which was first revealed by the New Yorker, launched a multitude of criminal investigations handled by the District Attorney’s office in Tulare, in concert with the FBI. To date, more than 50 search warrants have been executed.

Now, for the first time, Forensic News is publishing a full account of the Tulare incidents, including exclusive pictures of a sting operation, fire department records of a suspicious house fire, the contract prepared by the former Israeli spies, and a complete overview of the company’s known activities over their four-year existence.

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